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Text for Page 054 [09-25-1852]

              the �Happy Man� followed, Brougham playing the Irish
Hero of it.          Verily he is marvellously rich in Irish parts,
and every way a fine actor � does no vulgarisms or gag too.
When in Sir Lucius he has to say, �If I cannot succeed
myself, I�m glad to see success in others,� the audience took
the phrase as applicable to his own ill fortune in former Lyceum
management, & cheered lustily, which pleased me.    /        A
glass of ale at an English place, (where I met Neagle,)
and at midnight down Broadway with Waud, Fay soon
quitting us.       Arrived at our corner, a talk with watch-
man Murtough & decent into a small basement cellar that
day opened in the very bottom of �our� building as an oyster &
drinking place.     Not much bigger than a pantry, proprietor
to match; � a b�hoy imbibing and a girl of the town. Ten
minutes & a drink, then with Waud mounted aloft to my
room, & to bed.  He on floor with buffalo-hide & long
sofa lid of my box, & pillow; I in box.
  26. Sunday.  Breakfast at Sweeneys with Waud. He back
reading �Bleak House�,  I drawing �Soutag�s� portrait on wood
for Lockington, who called for it, once alone, (ere we had
risen,)  & anon with Holbrook, after Waud had gone down
town, to draw at Chapin�s.    Finished at 1, & straight
to Mr Royal�s as promised.       Dined, though after time,               
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