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Text for Page 055 [09-26-1852]

              there with Mr Royal & Bush and boy Jack to the Harlem
Railroad.    Standing room only � & little of that some fifteen
persons being crowded on to the space fitting for five.   This how-
ever was remedied when we reached the place where steam
supplants horse power.    Rattled over twelve miles space, &
descended at Fordham, just past Morrisiana.  A projected village,
the streets and avenues in projection laid out across farm &
tillage land.    Trees up-torn or hewn down, fair orchards
defaced � all indications of the coming village.  Some how
there was regret produced by the scene � homesteads & fire-
sides are pleasant enow to imagine, but then there�s the
attendant vulgarisms of Civilization.  Nature is never vulgar,
never jars with the mind or offers uncomeliness to the eye.
  We clambered across an orchard, thickly studded with well-
laden apple-trees � (helping ourselves freely,)  over field & fur-
row, getting hickory-nuts &c, at length reaching the piece
of ground Royal & Bush have purchased. A partially
triangular spot, well located, one side taking in what may
be an entire block.        Rambled about � it was a lovely
afternoon, pure gentle clear atmosphere & sunlight � & by
5 or so returned through thicket & path to Morrisiana,
lower or upper � I forget which.   Railroad cars & back
again to New York.        Royal quitting us at Canal               
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