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Text for Page 056 [09-26-1852]

              I went back to Chatham Street with Bush, supped there
and stayed till 11, reading, fumigating  & playing with
the juveniles.
  27.  Monday.  Did a huge four column sketch & accor-
ding to promise took it to Bunnell, (Picayune-proprieter)
whom I met on Saturday afternoon & who told me they wanted
me to do their cuts, (vico Boyd, discarded.)          Little cuts for
Reveille.    Calls.   Dined.    With Bunnell to Wells & Webb
for block. (As we crossed Fulton Street, he pointed out to
me smoke rising Brooklyn-wards, which I knew not 
then proceeded from Fagan�s shop, which was burnt to the
ground that afternoon.)      Evening drawing on wood till 11.
  28. Tuesday.   Weed came.        Finished big drawing on
wood, took it down town, saw Bunnell, dined, called
at Reveille & Lantern offices &c.  Return, met Watson,
called at his place, gave Weed big cut &c, jumped in omnibus
and to Brooklyn via South Ferry.     Called at Dunsiers,
nobody at home, called at his mothers, saw the old lady &
learnt that he had returned.           Back to New York,
evening writing.
  29.  Wednesday.  Read of the Duke of Wellington�s
death in this mornings� paper, thrust under my door, as               
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