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Text for Page 057 [09-29-1852]

              is the carrier�s wont.        A notable man gone, and one whom
England will long hold in rememberance.      I liked the old
Duke inasmuch as there was no cant about him � born and
reared an aristocrat, how could he be aught else.   His great
military services � (surely he was the greatest living Soldier in
fairly out-generalling the callous-hearted Corsican despot,) were
the result of his idea of duty to his country.  He didn�t
rave about �Suns of Australitz� & forty ages sitting on a Pyra-
mid� & such bosh, � to his legions � military brevity &
duty & discipline.    He was an English gentleman & he over
threw Napoleon!  Let his memory be honored for it!     What
infinite hate & spite must have raged in the tyrant�s heart to
dictate in his will, a pension to the scoundrel who attempted
Wellington�s assassination. /               Down town, to Reveille
& Lantern Offices,  Bunnell & Prices, gossip with Mathews
& then returned to room and drawing.    Did large Reveille
cuts.  Dined at 2  at �Shades�.   Room again, drew rebusses
&c, down town,  Lockingtons, Randall�s (getting cut from Weed
given him to do on Saturday, & paying him.)    Gave Randall
Reveille cut.   To Bunnell & Prices,  to Well�s &
Webbs � got blocks.       To Chapin�s, found Waud there,
and a black-bearded good humored German.    Stayed look-
ing over drawings & an hour, then returned to room.               
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