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Text for Page 058 [09-29-1852]

              Supped at Shelley�s, then to Mulberry Street.   Mr Great-
batch out, being officiating at Mr Alcock�s Panorama of
Scott�s Victories in Mexico.   He returning, I stayed till 10.
  30.  Thursday.   Drawing on wood, three �Picayune� sub-
jects, two minor, one two-column.     Dined at the �Shades,�
then down town by 3 1/2.    Called at Bunnells, at the Lantern
Office, then to Randall & Weed at Dickenson�s place.  Left
cuts for them, � (they being both at work on my drawings.)
Met Ab Brown, � snobbish as usual.       Hath had a letter from
Charley, � he flourishing. /           Crossed to Brooklyn,
called at Dunsiers, door closed; called on his mother &
learnt both had gone off suddenly,  anticipated to New London
down east. (Mrs Dempster, the Nova Scotian widow whom
whilome dwelt at Paterson�s when I sojourned there, being
there.)          Rambled across towards Atlantic Street, passing
Bartons Packing-box factory, with the recent addition of a
prodigious chimney; and presently came to the spot which
a recent fire had devastated.       A whole block of buildings
burned to the cellars, scorched & blackened wall, reek
and smother,  charred embers and  little devilish flames
darting their red forky tongues out here and there among
the grimy mass.     Lots of children & loafers about. Some
three or four human beings perished here.       A soaked               
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