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Text for Page 060 [09-30-1852]

              and devastated city must be a horrible sight.      Returned to
New York, supped & passed the remainder of the evening
at Mr Royals.
  1.  Friday.  Drawing on wood, two notions.  Dined at the
Shades then down town, meeting Dickenson in the Park.  The
poor fellows in tribulation about a certain strumpet and virago
of a wife of his, who with a mother of like evil disposition does pursue
& torment him grievously.         Breaking into his room and reviling
him, pursuing him down streets, even to the �Justice Hall,�  and
rushing into taverns after him,  lying in wait for him about streets
& bye-ways and generally playing the very devil with his peace
& quiet.   Wherefore he is about taking legal measures for a
riddance.                  To the Lantern Office, Brougham, Carroll
Powell, (looking puffy and large mouthed,)  & afterwards snob O�Brien
& others.           Revilement of the �Iron Duke,�  by Brougham
& Snob O�Brien.  Irishmen can�t forgive the Duke�s loyalty
to England.     Stormy talk anent it.       Left, called at Chapins
found Waud there; on to where Weed & Randall were
working away at my Picayune & Reveille work.  Gave �em
fresh supply for next week, tarried awhile, then back
to Waud.     Stayed an hour, then supped together at               
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