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Text for Page 061 [10-01-1852]

              �Live & let Live,� then to my room.   Waud reading, I
writing a letter to Heylyn, full of gigantic flaws, setting
forth how on my return from Genessee I had found the block
on which this house is located burnt to the ground; also 
divers items of startling import anent our English acquaintances,
how Boutcher was imprisoned in Rome for pitching into three
monks who were taking liberties with an old woman in the
ruins of the Coliseum; how he flattened one�s nose to his face
with a big stick & how another bit his ear off.       How
Purdue had bolted for Australia with a mans wife. And
how Stansby had married an old woman and turned Pussyite
parson &c            Which laudable & truthful performance
completed, and it being past 11, I�m going to my
virtuous box � may the musquitos have mercy on me!
  2.  Saturday.  In doors writing & drawing till 11, then
Waud called in. /    Went down town, to � Sachem� Office with
the portraits of Picton & Wren on wood, full length.   The
usual Saturday morning�s crowd there, drawing unanimously approved
of.   To Dickensons Office.  Got the huge Picayune block &c, &
took it to Bunnells.        Powell is there temporarily.    To Mathews
& to Reveille Office with Cuts &c.            Lantern Office &
calls.   Dined at about 2, about again, engravers all
paid &, calls at the Sachem & Lantern Offices again.               
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