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Text for Page 062 [10-02-1852]

              Returned to room, there awhile, down town again at 5, at
Sachem Office & Bunnells.   Got paid for Picayune work.  To
Beekman Street & at Butlers found him, Waud, Bogart &c
included an excited dweller in the same building who had been en-
gaged in a row that day with Scotch Lithographer Bonar, & was
might indigna^|n|t thereon.     All sit together, imbibition. Proposed
to Waud & Butler to go to the Panorama of Scott�s Mexican
Campaigns, to which I had a ticket.     All the rest agreed to go
to, � some seven or so in all.        To the place in Broadway,
an hour too soon, drinks again, met Fay, � he joined the party.
Oyster stews & billiards for some, then at 8 to the Panorama
and my ticket piloted them all in.        A tolerable well got up
picture, though ill-managed as to the mechanical part.       All
out at 9, adjourned to tavern, suppers & ale.     Parted
in Broadway about midnight or later.
  3. Sunday.   Didn�t rise very early.    At 1 out with Swinton
& Fay to dine at �Clem�s� an adjacent Broadway eating house.
Fay�s brother there, Waud coming in anon.     After wards sherry
at first in moderation, then in excess.    Fay got off soon.   Swinton
taking the lead, a regular drinking bout followed, everybody
getting more or less drunk � myself gravely so.    The last
impressions I have of the place are connected with Waud
telling me in confidence about twenty successive times that               
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