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Text for Page 063 [10-03-1852]

              �he should have to take carov Swinton � !�    How we
got up to Swintons Office I don�t know, but I left them there
and reached my own room & to bed at about 6.
  4.  Monday.      Wet and mud all day.    Drawing.  Very
much surprised by Dunsiers appearance, he having not gone off to sea,
but got incarcerated in the Tombs for a week, & according to his ac-
count most unjustly.     Out, down town, post Office, Lantern & 
Bunnells, Wells & Webb, dined sparingly, returned to room
& in the evening went to the Lyceum, there to see the School
for Scandal.     Met Alfred Brown there.          Learnt that
the sister of whom he & Charley talk has arrived at Boston,
& is staying awhile with Charley.     She acted the part of a 
mother to all of �em  & Charley was wont to talk much of
her at Canal Street.  /                        The play excellently done.
Brougham playing Sir Oliver.        �Last Legs� afterwards.
  5.  Tuesday.  Over to Brooklyn after a visit to the
engravers with drawings.    Dunsier out.     Return, got blocks
at Wells & Webb; to rooms & work.   Dunsiers called.
/      Drawing on wood.     Dined at Reade St Shades.
Drawing again.        Met Powell.       Down town, to 
Sachem Office, with drawing & memoir of Pickton
& Wren to send off to the London News.   There
an hour or so.     By the bye I had an horrific &               
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