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Text for Page 064 [10-05-1852]

              grand shindy with him yesterday.  He�s a queer devil.  Back
to room.   Drawing on wood part of the Evening � big Picayune
block, a call on Royal, then to room and bed at 11.
  6.  Wednesday.   Drawing hard on wood,  Picayune &
Reveille subjects.   Down town by 1 1/2, called at Lantern Office,
Bunnells &c,  to the Engravers both, with blocks, return
after dining at Goslings,   Lantern again, got paid $5,
on account.  Owe me $29 now.      Called on Bunnell again
saw him.            At Lockingtons, Strongs and Holcomb &
Levy�s, then to room & writing till the present 10 o�clock.
  Waud has but turned up once since Sundays debauch,
and I haven�t seen in.           I marvel why Barth writes
  7. Thursday.   Drawing, &c  down town, busy all day.
Unwell.   Supped at �Live & let live� with Waud.  He in
my room for an hour or two after.     Sick all night, &
  8. Friday.   Dunsier called � off on a voyage.    Drawing
on wood &c, down town about the middle of the day, to Engra-
vers &c  & to Brooklyn, return by omnibus.   Wet &
mud everywhere.
  9.  Saturday.  Busy as usual, �Picayune,� Reveille�
& Lantern Offices.   Down town from 11 till 5, hurrying               
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