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Text for Page 065 [10-09-1852]

              about in the wet & mud.     Return, supped with Waud
& Fay at Sweeney�s.
  10.  Sunday.  Inexpressibly disgusting day, mud and
damp everywhere, pavements greasily fitting, dank atmosphere
overhead � ugh!    At Mr Greatbatchs, from 1, till 7.  At
the Shades with Waud in the evening.
  11.  Monday.  Cheery sunny day.  Drawing on wood for
Picayune.  Sitting to Waud for portrait (old one commenced
in Canal Street.)        Down town after dining at Clems� with
Waud and Swinton.  To Reveille and Picayune Offices, to
Lantern,   Wells and Webbs, Engravers and then to Chapin�s
Office for Waud, by sunset.   There awhile, then out to-
gether to the Battery to see the sun-set.             Supped at
the Shades together.
  12.  Tuesday.  Down town, to Reveille & Picayune Offies,
to Bunnell & Prices, to Lantern Office & Wells & Webb.
Returning, at work on the big Picayune Cut.    Evening in Swin-
ton & Fay�s office with Waud, he writing a letter, I
dismal enow, with teeth and jaws aching & general disagree-
  13. Wednesday.  To a french Dentists in the Bowery and had
a big double tooth extracted.  Returned to room and work. Dun
sier called.    Finished big drawing & others; � down town to               
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