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Text for Page 066 [10-13-1852]

              engravers &c, dined, return, drew Reveille cut after seeing
Mathews, (who was irked at my drawing for Picayune.)    Waud
came, to Shelleys with him, supped.        Left him at 8, and
went to Beach Street.     A room full of folks, Mrs K there.
Lotty came down anon, and sang.       Stayed till nigh 11,
some of the folks going.     Baby hath been sick and like to die,
a �Nurse� giving him laudanum.       His father has been there,
was indeed in the room when I came, albeit I knew it not,
till afterwards Lotty told me.      She sang very sweetly this night.
Talk with one of the old boarders at Mrs Leave�s, whom I met
there.     Mrs K concocted some excellent milk punch, and alto-
gether it was a pleasant finale to the day.
  14.  Thursday.   Drawing till 1.     A letter from Barth.
Down town, to Lockingtons, towards Dickinsons, when I met an in-
dividual whom I had seen at Wilkins� in Brooklyn, when I
visited him there.     He was very particular in his inquiries about
them, and after accompanying him some distance, (in the rain)  I
took him to Holmes�.  /                Called at Engravers, then dined,
then to Lantern, then Reveille Offices � through pouring rain all
the way.      Hose purchasing &c, then to room.  Supped at
Sweeneys, called at Royals, back to room.    Wrote letter
to Barth.               
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