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Text for Page 067 [10-15-1852]

              15.  Friday.   Breakfasted  at Goslings Junior, then to
the triumvirate of wood-peckers.  There an hour, then called
at the Lantern Office.  Powell & Brougham.  Out with
the former.    Parted at Windusts.   To room, drew a-while, 
down town again, met Brice, Pictons sub-editor.   Called at
Lockingtons; fed & then at the Sachem Office.   Return after
an hour or so.   To Canal Street and took a warm bath.
Supped at the Shades.   Writing all the evening.   A chilly
wintry day, suggestive of snow outside  and stoves within.
  16.  Saturday.  Down town by 11 after writing &c.  To
the wood-peckers, had to wait an hour while they finished up
the cuts, then to Picayune Office with them.   Bunnell &
Powell there, and ´┐ŻAllie Vernon´┐Ż a pretty girl who sends
verses to the Picayune, and whom I found afterwards at the
Lantern Office talking with Powell.   North, Bellew and
Watson there, with a little nephew of the Latter, a juvenile
who had voyaged to Sierra Leone to lose a father there.
The little chap was very communicative anent Africa, recieving
in return divers fictions about the stuffed owl descending
on the playing of a hand organ, to write editorials, on certain
mysterious occasions.   Carroll came.  /           Left, met
Bunnell, to Reveille Office & Mathews with Reveille cuts.               
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