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Text for Page 069 [10-17-1852]

              hour after midnight.   
      Faults it has, certainly, of construction & detail
but as noble a purpose as can be, guided the pen of
its author, and good will come of this terrible setting
forth of the Accursed Traffic in �God�s images cut in Ebony.�
I think her sudden conversions, instance Quinto & Sambo,
the two degraded wretches who flog her hero to death, unna-
tural; � and in minor degree also, that of the wonderfully
drawn slave girl �Topsy�, as fine a bit of character as
ever Dickens drew.        It�s a terrible book to read,
 � you end, (as I
did)   with a full heart and �God bless this noble-hearted
American woman, Mrs Beecher Stowe, for that she has
the heart & brain to do this!
      I would I had the power to transmute such ignoble
villains as James Gordon Bennett, Editor of the N Y Herald,
into a black skin.       One who writes this curse to be �a
good institution,  that works well, is as it should be for
both races.�      I�d sell him to a Legree, and sleep
soundly after it.   May I be hanged if I would not!
  18.  Monday.   Down town, to the Post Office, to the
wood-peckers, to Lantern, Reveille, & Picayune Offices,               
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