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Text for Page 070 [10-18-1852]

              to Wells & Webb�s &c, finally at 1 o�clock returned
to building with a pocket full of newspapers and a huge
pile of wood-blocks for drawing on.    Entring Swinton
& Fay�s room, to my extreme surprise there I found �
Charley Brown!      He had come on from Boston, ac-
companying his sister, and with his brother Alfred called
here.           But little suffering from of old � perchance his
manner, his eloquential, egotistical flourishing a trifle exag-
gerated, that�s all.                 He was in mighty spirits.  An
hours uproarous badinage & quaint personalities, then, with
him, his brother, Waud & Swinton we all went to
Clems� and dined together.   He off with brother to call
on Roberts & elsewhere, I to my room & work.   Drawing
hard till 6, when Charley came, � and a few minutes
afterwards the washerwoman coming for my foul linen �
who has been owed the sum of $4.50 by Charley �
ever since he left New York. �
  (I was responsible for this re^|n|contre, albeit Brown knew it
not.      Justifiable treason, I�m sure.
She�s a poor woman, has to support a sick husband � &
Charley could pay her, & should!)           He was rather
humiliated, when she asked, finally promising to send it on               
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