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Text for Page 071 [10-18-1852]

              from Boston � and she left.    I quizzed him
infernally; �      & we went off
as agreed to the �Lyceum�, to see �Much Ado about
Nothing� played.      Great crowd & greater struggle
to get in.         Got our seats & saw the play, enjoying 
it immensely.       It was well done though not per-
chance as I have seen it � But �comparisons are odorous�!
The Price was exquisitely played, & so the noble old
father Leonato.          Benedick was very clever, but spake
more than his part in one or two minor sentences, which is
vile misusage of Shakspere.          He added the weak,
insignificant word, �directly�   to  �I�ll go, get her picture!�
Altogether it was no ordinary entertainment & I liked it
much.          Alfred Brown    & a crony of his, Magnus,
joined us after the play.      To Shelleys on my proposal of
oysters;      liberal allowance of bivalves   discussed, Falkirk
ale,   and a succession of tods followed.   Talk, national,
literary, political, of character, of oddity, of books, of
Lans Nap the little, of filibustering, retrospective
prospective, discursive and bibulous.      Staying till
the house closed, at about 1, then Charley, off with
  19.  Tuesday        me to my room, bidding good bye               
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