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Text for Page 073 [10-19-1852]

              every body with a fool�s cap on, and capering to the
jangle of his own bells right merrily!
 /   Alfred Brown came, & Charley shook hands with
many promises to write &c &c, then off for return
to Boston!      /                 Waud came, supped with
him at Sweeneys, then in a gun-shop, looking at
certain new loading-at-the breech patent weapons, in
company with a Californian-looking individual, who
said gravely with an impressive slowness, as if he wished
it to be inferred he spoke from great experience, that �a
bowie-knife was best for a close fight.�      Parted with Waud
& I off to Brooklyn .        Met Swinton on the Ferry.
/    Called at Dunsiers.         Subsequently was introduced
to two pretty dressmakers, as a returned Californian &
played the part to a gigantic extent, infinitely to their
and (my own) entertainment for an hour or twain.   Return
to New York and room by 12.
  20.  Wednesday.  With Waud, (who had passed the
night in Swinton�s Office, down town to Goslings for 
breakfast.    Thence, parting,    I to Bunnell & Price,
to Picayune Office, to Lantern &c. Powell               
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