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Text for Page 074 [10-20-1852]

              With Watson to the Whig Review Office, where I saw Mr
Priestley.       Got the five �Historic Tableaux� of mine
which have appeared in the �Lantern�, taking them as
$20 off what they owe me.         We found the blocks up
in the top room, amid a wilderness of others.     /      To the
�Literary World� Office, saw Mathews & Holly, once
of the Democratic Review.     He was a rabid democrat,
a �manifest-destiny�  &  Douglas man then (now, having
left the Review, he don�t think it so �shure� �Pierce will
be elected!     Hey ho!   cap and bells again!    /    To
the woodpeckers, leaving one huge drawing & two 
two column cuts for them.     Got 8th no of �Bleak House.�
Return to room.  Down town again, Lantern Office &
Strongs, where I met Mrs Norman  & Mrs Ebury,
Barth�s acquaintances,   they purchasing things for their store.
I like the latter lady, quiet and gentle-faced � Don�t
like the old woman, � slightly dictatorial I fancy.  Re-
cieved from her a comprehensive no-meaning �you�ll call
on us &c  and replied with the necessary insincerity.
Back.    Dined at the Shades.   Met that fellow boar-
der of Wilkins who I directed to Holmes some days back.
Introduced to others, � [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]       Dined.   To room & work.               
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