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Text for Page 075 [10-20-1852]

              Did big Reveille Cut & minors.    Randall & Weed
called.             Out at 7 to sup at Sweeney�s, then
returning, big tar-barrell blazing in Centre Street,
for the delectation of boys & loungers.     It is a
beautifully devilish element is fire.         Cold, icy clear
night; great volumes of smoke and murky house-
blocks  lit up, very picturesque � all of it.      Room,
writing an hour or so, reading &c.
  21.  Thursday.  Weed called for blocks & had �em.
Breakfast at Sweeney�s, back to Office   & work. Down
town to Lantern Office, saw Powell, did�nt get money.
Return,  work, dinner at �Shades,�  work again till 5,
then down town,   Broadway, Park, Chamber Street,
every-where crowded with Militia Companies, being a Review
day.          To Bunnell & Prices. He out with his company.
Met Seymour.       Clever article of his �Cockney in America�
for the �Daily Times�.           To Chapins, where I found Waud.
Supped with him at the �Live & Let Live�, return to
my room, he & I reading for hours twain � then he
left.   (               This is a right busy, industrious time
now with me.        Time runs by briskly.        I almost
fear [word crossed out] its proving but temporary.
  22. Friday.  Drawing on wood, Rebusses &c. Dunsier               
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