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Text for Page 079 [10-26-1852]

              the time comes,    I pray that I may have some loving face
beside me,  to close my eyes in their last glance at
this world.
  27.  Wednesday.   Down town, to Bunnell�s, the Lantern
Office, Engravers, & Post Office.  Returned, drawing hard
till dinner time.      Dined, then to Lantern Office � Brougham,
Powell & Seymour �    Got $5 on account.   To room again,
& drawing till 6.            Reading, Dicken�s �Carol� again.  
Shall I ever forget the first time I read it? 
   /     Out to Shelleys for supper, returned by 8 1/2.
It�s a chill wintry night, � I feel very lonely just now, �
the very clock seems to tick sorrowfully.    Wherefore I think
I�ll e�en go to bed and muse my self to sleep.
  28.  Thursday.  Putting stove up, drawing &c.  Down town
by 3 or so, at Lockingtons & Weed�s.  Post Office &c.  A
walk on the Battery afterwards.     Returned to room. Davis called,
& then Waud.    Stayed till 8 1/2, then all to the Battery, there
to witness a display of fireworks, which was well done.
  29.  Friday.   Drawing.          Field the Artist called.    Wanted
to sell one of his books,     Gavarni sketches.   He suffering awfully
from a sort of tic doloreux, and desirous of rousing the money
to employ dentist�s and to �destroy his nerves� of his teeth.   So               
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