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Text for Page 081 [10-29-1852]

              History � that of the patriot blacksmith, known as Wat
Tyler.    His name was Walter Hilliard, his father�s trade
gave him the surname �Tyler.�     I wish there was a monument
in Smithfield, erected to his memory, for never was rebellion
more justifiable, and never was murder more cowardly & traitor
ously done than in the case of noble Walter Hilliard, the Kentish
blacksmith.      Let Englishmen honor that name � a good
frank sounding one it is, too!
  30.  Saturday.  Field came.  Out with him down Broadway
Parted.   I to Sachem Office.  To Engravers, Post Office
&c.   Waited till 1, got Picayune & Reveille cuts,
& to the several Offices.      Saw Mathews, (oily, shifty,
dodging Mathews!)    To Reveille Office.    Thence to Lantern
&c.            Chapins by 4, with Waud.               There hours twain,
then together to Sweeneys, then to my room. Drawing till 12.
  31.  Sunday.        In doors all day (save evening, � draw-
ing most part of the time; a dank drizzly, detestable
day, rain & mist.       Saw Swinton down to the Staten
Island Ferry-house; with Waud, returned with the latter,
supped at Sweeny�s, then leaving him & Fay in the
Office, set off to Beach Street.     Mrs K, her mother
&c there.          Little Mason off tomorrow for Ohio,
with his pleasant wife; � saw both.         A quaint               
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