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Text for Page 074 [01-08-1850]

              rich that, � not more than eight months and wrote a tale with 
that title!
  9. Wednesday.  To New York. Saw Hawkins � talk with him
about writing long serial.  He beyond measure pleased with the tale
of Ike Charles.  Agreed to accept a dollar a column for the �Revelations�
So go ahead � (I have resolved it shall be nothing in the licen-
tious way, or to be ashamed of, afterwards.)       Called on Warren
Butler, and in Bobbett and Edmonds. Then to Jersey, and a very
bad dinner.   �Mose� in the afternoon. �Revelations� at night.
  10. Thursday.  This morning being up rather earlier, took a 
walk up to Bergen rocks, and, when about to return ran as great
risk of a most horrible death as could well be.   Thus it was that
I am now sitting quietly here, in place of my body lying in a hideous
mass of dismembered fragments.  Where the railroad track makes a 
sudden and abrupt curve, I was standing, as I often have been before
on the one-side rails  watching the locomotive pass on the other.  Two 
had passed within a few minutes of each other, and I was quietly
gazing, pipe in mouth, just about to plod Jersey-wards, when at
the back of the cars I saw a man, with extreme alarm visible in
his face, looking towards me, and pointing with his finger.  I
turn round, � and have just time to leap aside when another 
train, passing in the opposite direction on my rail comes clanging by with all
its restless horror.     The noise cause by the first one had prevent-               
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