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Text for Page 082 [10-31-1852]

              little snob is he, and saith droll things sometimes.
For instance in relating the story of our turkey-stealing
& cooking exploit, some old lady happened to question
the cleanliness of the noble Hudson river.   Quoth Mason
�Why they caught a bass with a clean shirt on there, the
other day!�           Left at 11.            /          Had a letter
from Charley Brown, about getting woodpeckers to go on
to Boston.
  1.  Monday.  Downtown, to Reveille, where I found, on
getting copies of the paper that dodging, envious Mathews had not
used my this weeks cut, getting one from [words crossed out] Boyd instead.
Funnily small dodgery is it!     To Bunnell & Price�s, to
Strongs, to Lantern, (where was Powell,)    & then to Weed
with drawing.       Got a huge armful of boxwood at Wells
& Webbs, then through miry street & drizzle of rain back
to my room.     Drawing till 7, only going out to dinner.
After supper, a call at Royals.       Wrote letter to Charley
Brown at night,  with proofs of wood-pecker Copcutts, who had
called.      Sat up drawing till past midnight.
  Tomorrow is the day of Presidential Election. Albeit a
looker on, I hope Scott�ll get it.  Yet perchance it is               
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