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Text for Page 083 [11-01-1852]

              an ill thing to wish any man.     Little matters which, I know!
  2.  Tuesday.  Came Leslie, the superintendant & man
in authority over the hewers of wood & abhorrers of water,
(otherwise Engravers,)  of Fleece�m�s  Pictorial Perpetration.
Talked awhile with him; then out, he desirous of meeting wood-
pecker Copcutt at 3 this afternoon.           Breakfasted, then 
down town, to Bunnell & Price�s. Saw Price, met Powell,
walked with him to French�s, parted, � on to the Post
Office & Weed with drawing.    Randall & Dickinson both
out, & by Weed�s report drunk & electioneering.   Return,
called in vain for Mathews, to room & work.  Dined at
Sweeny�s, work again and on till late at night.  Leslie,
(alias Carter quoth Rumor )   came, settled about advertising
&c, off to Philadelphia, to return on Thursday.        Waud
came up for ten minutes or so after dinner.
  3.  Wednesday.   Levy came about a project of getting up
drawing of the New York Crystal palace.   Out.  To 
Mathews, to Lantern Office, saw Powell.  To Bunnell
& Brice�s.  Down town to Broad Street to see Mr
Hammet, about a job.    Return, drawing awhile,
dined, to Lantern Office again, return & at work
the rest  of the day; supping at Sweeney�s with Waud
& Fay.               
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