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Text for Page 085 [11-05-1852]

              at 1 1/2, dismally wet day.       Down town, to Lockingtons
new place,  to the Lantern Office, & to Weed.  Return to
Lantern Office.  Got $2, clearing debt off.    Return after
chat with Brougham,  Dickinson in Swinton & Fay�s.
Supped with Waud.   Drawing together in my room till
night midnight after.         A letter from home this day,
continuing one from Boutcher.   All about Capri, Vesuvius,
Pompeii   &c
  6   Saturday.     Drawing on wood, hard.    Lockington
came;   drawing things for him.    Writing words for the
nine drawings done on wood  this week    &c, then down
town with them, to Wells & Webb to get them squared,
then to Strong�s with them;  thence to Weeds, found
Randall & Dickinson there.   All Picayune blocks done
save one which had been given to the latter humbugs to do
by Weed & consequently had appeared un-touched that mor-
ning,  they being both drunk & electioneering all the week.
Took the others, wrote up words to �em, left Weed
hard at work on the defaulting one,   & to the Picayune
Office.     There to Mathews to get his signature to
Reveille bill as wont.     Talk with him anent con-
tinuing or discontinuing Reveille work.      The shifty,
unhappy, suspicious, dodging man!     Quoth he, were               
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