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Text for Page 086 [11-06-1852]

              you an author, went to different Publishers to publish
books,  the Publisher would be justified in disliking it &c.�
  Quoth I, �the case is clear dissimilar.     I am like
to a vender of cigars or any other marketable commodity,
a customer purchases one daily, or weekly, some time,
with content to both parties;   and one day is extremely
jealous and dissatisfied that I should also sell cigars to
somebody he was jealous of & disliked!�    This floored
him  & he dropped evasion.   /            Had the matter
cleared by Murphy, when I went round to Reveille Office
for bill,     Mathews hath contracted for the $11, & thinks
of netting a scaly dollar or so, by the dodge.   It�s funny,
& I can well spare it, wherefore Allah akbar!           To
Lantern Office.  Then dined at Goslings by 5,  wet,
filthy day.          To Picayune Office,   thence to room.
Roberts & Waud came.          Out to the Shades, imbibition
&c, oysters afterwards,  and uproarous mixing of
the contents of all the cruets on the table.    Parted at
the corner,  after Roberts had prodded a hole through
my coat with the ferrule of his umbrella, in return
for an assault upon it on my part.   To room, reading
& bed,   Waud off to the Eagle hotel,  he having left
his Brooklyn residence.               
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