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Text for Page 088 [11-08-1852]

              8.   Monday.   Drawing &c, Lockington came; Waud
&c.        Lighting the first fire of the season.
Getting in coal &c.    Drawing till 1, dined, then down
town, to Reveille Office, to Strongs & Lantern &c. Return
by 6, Davis & Waud came,  out to supper with the latter,
return to room, he reading, I drawing, till 10, when he
left for the Eagle.
  9.   Tuesday.  Work all the morning & afternoon.   Down
town,   Bunnell & Price�s,  Lantern &c,  Engravers.
Evening with Waud to Metropolitan Hall, to hear Alboni.
  10.  Wednesday.  To Bunnell & Prices  &c.  To the
Lantern Office,  with Powell to Galbraith�s the lawyer of
J. G. Bennett.  Got sketch of his head.  To B & P�s
again.   Plot about getting up a burlesque of Gleason�s tes
timonial.  To Lantern Office.        Dined, met Fay,
in their Office.    Butler & Bogert there awhile.  Drawing.
  Supped at Sweeneys with Waud.  Wrote a letter to Brown
in reply to one recieved yesterday.    In Swinton & Fay�s
Office till 11, by fire side, Waud reading aloud House-
hold Words.
  11.  Thursday.     Young Anderson, Levy & Weldon
called.        Drawing on wood.   Dined,  down town
to B & P�s & Lantern, then   engravers.               
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