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Text for Page 090 [11-16-1852]

              up Broadway by noon,   stores all closed, windows & house
fronts draped in black & white, and displaying inscriptions
appropriate to the memory of Daniel Webster.     A cold, cloud-
less sunny, bright day.     All the Militia Companys out &
a dense crowd everyhere.        Dined at Sweeney�s, to room &c,
witnessing procession from my window,      Stewarts lady employees
over the way doing the same.                   Down town again, though
with difficulty, owing to what I heard a disdainful dame
term �rabble�, a very Un-American phrase.        I wonder whether
she ever heard of Claudia, Appius Coecus daughter�s speech
and its result.   (In Swinton�s room were himself, Butler,
Bogert & Waud &c.)        Down town, got wood blocks,
then back again,  drawing,  after nailing on sign in Broad-
way, some mischevious cur having half pulled it from fastenings.
  Drawing,  Seymour (the writer) came up,     I having met him
on Broadway with his brother.               Waud came up, (borrowed
$1,) and out billiardizing.           Seymour & I after a stove-
side talk went to Burton�s Theatre.    Farce & very ex-
cellently absurd fooling all the evening.  Oyster stew at
Shelleys afterwards, then Seymour off, I to room, and did
a drawing �fore my cigar was out, then to bed.
  17  Wednesday.  At work.   Did two drawings on wood
by 1, then dined at Shades, thence down town, meeting               
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