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Text for Page 091 [11-17-1852]

              on the way Weldon,  & Alfred Brown.   To Bunnell
& Price�s.       All there talking anent the vicious faced &
dirty shirted Scoville who had been pitching into �em in his
paper.       My name in �t, incidentally.           Out with Bunnell
to purchase �plate�  for presentation burlesque to Julius
Caesar Hannibal, (nigger preacher in Picayune.)  A practi-
cal parody anent Gleason.      Bought big metal pitcher, big-
ger coffee pot   & metal mug.  Return to store, and
operated on �em with hammer till they looked most
rueful spectacles.     Uproarous chaff & merriment;
Lenson (the writer of the lectures) came, and read the
article on the affair.         Left, supped at Sweeny�s, to
our building, in lower Office, Fay, Bogert & Waud
there.        Had a row with Waud, anent a half-jesting,
half bullying phrase of his.       Wherefore I expect he�ll sulk
for six months or so.      Let it be so, if he will.    To
my room;  & wrote letter to my sisters.
  18.  Thursday.      Down town through snow and sleet
mud and filthy streets, to Bunnells &c.     There doing
a big placard for the �plate presentation�;  talking with
Bunnell & Price,  Levison and Allie Vernon.
What pretty, pettish   spoiled-child sort of ways some
New York girls have.  There was another girl with her,               
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