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Text for Page 075 [01-10-1850]

              ed my hearing it approaching, and but for it being indicated to
me, I should have pursued my way till overtaken.  That man
saved my life, � I would that I could but thank him for it. /
  The full thought of what an escape it had been was not impressed
on me till after some time, indeed it appeared � (the start of alarm
over,) almost a common-place transaction � but now I see it in its
right light.	I thank God for it.
  {11. Friday.    �Mose� each day.  No stirring out.  Writing
  12. Saturday}    incessantly during the evening.  Very sad at heart;
ceaseless thoughts of Home and England.   Hosts of petty disagreables 
  13. Sunday.  Writing the greater part of the day � I ought to spend
it better, � this life is that of an animal, unworthy of a being
possessed of an immortal soul; � I�ll waste time no more thus.
  14. Monday.  To New York � to �Empire City Office� with MS.
Then seeing about boarding house, Duane & Hudson.  Think I
shall go to the place Joe stopped at.  Duane Park. (Heaven
save us, what a park � bit of triangular inclosure which a man
might hop round in two minutes!)	  �Mose� the rest of the day.
  {15. Tuesday    �Mose�. Anxious about letter�s which I ought
  16. Wednesday}    to get by the �Canada.�   Lots of minor, shirt
button miseries, room not clean, epsom salts taking, head-
ache, bah � Melancholie and irritable. Nasty, disagreable,               
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