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Text for Page 092 [11-18-1852]

              & there they were taking off bonnet & sleeking their
hair  &c, talking, chatting all round.     To the Lan-
tern Office, (whither Mam�selle Allie came anon.)     I
was immediately  urgently entreated by Powell to do �em
a big cut for the Saturday�s number instanter; � had
some row with Bellew or other and no big cut drawn.
Wherefore I invested Powell�s $1.25 at Wells &
Webbs for a block  & off to the Dem Review Office,
hoping to get sketch of Benton�s phiz.    Failing, I
went to Brady�s,  sketched it from daguerrotype,   called at
Lockingtons, (the little sweep owes me money,) thence to
my room,   lit fire,  did chores & went to work on the
block.        Watson came,   left.     Dined at Shades,
went on with drawing,  finished it by 4,   took it to
his office, where I found, not him, but a room full
of girls, (all valentine-making, coloring &c.)     Some were
very pretty.          Back to my den, and made a
drawing on wood, (with intent to commence a fresh batch
for Strong.)
  19.  Friday.  Down town, after drawing; at
Lantern Office, B & P�s &c     Strongs; met Weldon
there.       Drawing in afternoon,  Weldon came, took
Rabelais and left �Poe�s Works�.    Waud came               
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