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Text for Page 093 [11-19-1852]

              up,  all right.         Recollect not what I was doing
all the evening,  but busy,   writing    I think.
  20.   Saturday. Writing awhile, then down town,
to B & Ps,     Lantern Office,     Engravers, Well�s
& Webb,   Post Office &c and all the usual crowd
of Saturday�s calls;   talking with Brougham; with
Powell,   with North at the Sachem Office.    Picton about
again,  looking ugly & owlish.      At the Schnieders
trying on Coat & pants &c.   Paid �em $25.  About
all day till 7 or �so, they to room, and fire
being out down stairs in Swinton & Fay�s room, 
drawing till 11, while Waud read aloud some of
Poe�s, strange, mystic, imaginative, terrible
  21.   Sunday.   Doing chores & reading till 12,
then having dressed, to Brooklyn per South Ferry,
and to the boarding-house whereat Mr Hammett resides.
A spacious, stylish place,  the which I well recollect
visiting before, when in quest of a boarding-house, in
company with Barth.                  Inducted into a cosy
basement room, where I found Hammett & was intro
duced to his wife.          A comely, pleasant faced woman,
the room so neat, snug & cheery,  bright fire bur-               
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