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Text for Page 094 [11-21-1852]

              ning  and baby in cradle.      Dined with them & the
rest of the habitants of the mansion in fine style up
stairs, then after half an hour in another apartment
talking (anent my transferring on to wood the portrait of
a little girl), with a man & wife, the latter being
about to publish & write a memoir of this dead, adopted
child,)   down stairs again.  Looking over divers pro-
ductions of Hammetts, in the �Knickerbocker�, Literary
World, Spirit of the Times  &c,�   then about 4, left,
crossed to New York, (icy cold day),  & to room,
meditatively on the snug house I had quitted.      My fire
was out;     sat awhile, then to Royals.     He and
his wife going out,     but insisted on my staying to sup
with Bush, with which he & the juvenile�s seemed
to be marvellously well content.        Stayed till 9 or
so, called at Office,  found Waud reading aloud to
Swinton, who was engraving by Camp-light;  then
out again,  to Beach Street.      Mrs Kidder
& some-others  there, but the latter son left.
Lotty has joined her husband again, and returns to
the stage to-morrow night, � the �National�!
        �With hey ho!  The Wind & the Rain!�
Talking awhile with Mrs K & a lively little widow               
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