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Text for Page 095 [11-21-1852]

              who came it, then to room & bed by midnight.
  22.  Monday.    Drawing on wood  &c till
2,  then after dining, down town,  to B & P�s,
Lantern Office, (where I saw Powell, Banks
& Watson,)  then to Wells & Webb, to the
Engravers, Post Office, Reveille Office &c, then
to supper,  called at Royal�s, (giving the boys
tickets to the Bowery,)  then to room, and re-
read at Poe.                             Hammett told me
divers particulars anent Powell.   Of his forgery,
of Dickens letter, saying he never saw him but once,
of how Gaylord Clark wrote to Dickens &c &c.
  23 to 30.     I have let time run by at such a
rate that it is impossible now to score his progress day by
day, wherefore   I lump its agregate.      Imprimis I have
been very busy & very sick.        One night, (Wednesday the
24th)  at Brougham�s benefit performance at the Lyceum,
taking Mr Greatbatch with me.        There I met Seymour,
(alias Bailey)   Banks, Carrol, Bunnel &c and a host
of Lanternites.        Three or four days of influenza, one of
diarrhea;  work hard evenings & all till past midnight,
and getting up late, the mornings.        Picayune work
all done as usual,   divers Lantern drawings, &               
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