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Text for Page 097 [12-02-1852]

              Heylyn today, inviting me to visit him this Christmas.
He frightfully humbugged by my last, containing the flams
about our English acquaintances.      Hath written home, com
municating the tall tidings of Purdue.       Now if Purdue ever
happens to visit the paternal Heylyn�s      won�t there be a small
scene!         I must disabuse Heylyn anent this item.
  3.  Friday.     Drawing &c all the earlier part of
the day;   Picton called, with coat stained and a
notable bruise on his forehead, having gotten into a muss
overnight.    Sate awhile, talked politics, of building &
wood-blocks, bid me $15 for painting, abused England,
Germans &c, had some brandy, gave me a cigar &
left.         Dressed,  down town to Engravers, there awhile,
then to Lantern Office, nobody there, then to room.
Reading Poe, out to Supper, returned;  Waud
came;   at 9 out with him, Swinton, Fay & Van
Vronken;  billiard playing twixst Waud & Swinton;
then I & Fay joined em.            I haven�t played a
game at it for full eight years, I think.
  4.  Saturday, a dismally wet & muddy one.
Down town by 11, to Post Office & Engravers, got cuts,
& to Bunnell & Price�s with them.   Thence to �Lan-
tern Office; Wells & Webbs & Sachem Office.    Imbibition               
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