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Text for Page 098 [12-04-1852]

              with Picton & another in Fulton Street, then to room, after
dining at Sweeneys, meeting Roberts.     Out again and
down town through mud & rain, meeting clever snob O�Brien,
to Lantern Office, Richards & Johnsons, met Price, in
at B & P�s, got paid, called in at Nagle�s new old
book store, supped at Sweenys, then through rain mud and
mist to my warm and quiet cock loft.       Writing till
11,   letter to Barth.
  5.  Sunday.     Domestic chores  &c.   Dined at Sweeney�s.
A dull, muddy, overclouded  lukewarmish day, miry pools
in pavement, streets solitary & Sabbathically blank.     To
my room, reading Poe.       Waud down stairs at work on the
inevitable portrait, Fay wood-pecking.                Nagle and a
certain crony of his called. /           At about 5 turned out
& to Mr Greatbatch�s.          Supped there  and with the boys
to hear Chapin preach at his new Broadway Church.
His text, (as wont,) from the New Testament. �They
have their reward.�     The soul of his sermon, that each
act, ambition, & aspiration, involves its reward or retribution;
� awful judgment too this.
  6. Monday.      At work drawing.     Come Waud, & Will
Kidder, and anon, they being gone little Parmeter the adver-
tisement Solicitor, who bored me awhile, then left.    Hard at               
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