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Text for Page 099 [12-06-1852]

              work till 2, then dined, then dressed, and down town.
To the Lantern Office,  Brougham, Powell & Bellew
there.    To Bunnell & Prices, thence to Weeds with
big block I had drawn.      Weed saith that Charley Brown
is this day in New York, having called on him.   /     To
Wells & Webb, then back to room.     Waud up awhile.
  /    Out to sup at Sweeneys, called at Royals; back to
room and writing.   Finished long letter to Barth.
  7.  Tuesday.  Met the inevitable Frenchman, Bau-
doin, when returning from Breakfast.  /    To room &
drawing all the morning till 2 .     Three drawings on wood,
one large cut for Picayune, two for Lantern.    Dined at
the Shades, then down-town.    At the Picayune Office, talking
half an hour with Price & Allie Vernon, thence to Lan-
tern Office, to Wells & Webb�s, Post Office, Engravers,
and lastly to the, �Illustrated News Office�.   Leslie
& Charley Brown, Baudoin, Beach, and a host
of engravers.       Hitchcock hath left, & Leslie as-
sumes his place,   Brown having an engagement for
one year.      Talking awhile with both, then, it being nigh
upon 6, Charley left, and walking up-town-wards
together, parted at my door, on my promising to visit
him at his lodging-place in North Moore Street.               
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