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Text for Page 100 [12-07-1852]

              Two hours afterwards did so, and stayed there till
11, in company with him, his brother Alfred and their
elder sister.     She�s a pleasant middle-aged Englishwoman,
with an almost maternal air of care and love for them.
We talked of Australia, National characteristics, Dickens,
Charles Lamb, Napoleon the Big and Little & discursively
on everything, drank whiskey punch; and on the
breaking up of the party I walked through drenching rain
to my cock-loft & straightway to bed.
  Charley hath confided to me (as a great secret, that his
marriage with the lady of Italian birth cometh off on February
next, (fitting pairing month!)  Sayeth he thinks �twill
proof a fact this time �
          �But when he comes, alas! to wife!
                   Hey! ho! the Wind & Rain!�
  8.  Wednesday.       Down town about noon,  to Wells
& Webbs,  to Post-Office & to Hammetts & Hawes
offices, severally,     leaving portrait of little girl & derogatory-
type at the former.                     Thence crossed to the Atlantic-
Dock, Brooklyn � a lovely breezy day, and to the
residence of Dunsier�s mother, willing to learn news
of the man.         Met him at the door, talked awhile,
he walking to the Ferry with me, and after a tod               
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