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Text for Page 101 [12-08-1852]

              we parted.             I, to New York, dined at Goslings,
to Wells & Webbs,  Picayune & Lantern Offices &c.
Watson & Isrealitish Levy there.        Saw Artful Dod-
ger Powell for a minute or twain.          To Lockington�s
&c;  returned to office, tired, by 6, dozed an hour,
out, supped,  & to room again. Drawing till 1 1/2.
  9.  Thursday.     In doors till 1, then dined at Sweenys,
(meeting Roberts,     & Fay there, then down town, to the
Lantern Office, and thereabouts all the wet, dirty, desultory
afternoon, unable to return to room, having to await the
time I could get big block from Wells & Webb.       Got it
about 5, then return.        In at Swinton & Fay�s a short
time, then up stairs.        Met Dunsier & wife on staircase.
Talking with them half an hour;      Charley Brown called.
Dunsiers left.  Advised him to see Dob & make arrangement with her;
about paying his debt.        Writing to George Bolton the
rest of the evening.
  10.  Friday.  Drawing hard.   In walked Dillon
Mapother.    Just from Michigan, with intent to stay
a month, and then across the Atlantic to home &
Dublin.         Hart flourishing.        Dillon�s apprenticeship
nearly out � expects to return in May next, then
to commence as Hart�s partner.     (In returning,               
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