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Text for Page 076 [01-16-1850]

              hateful people round you.   Save Hughie�s good tempered face,
and that of old Collinson, all beasts, and sulky ones.  No clean-
liness � wish I was out o�this.
  17. Thursday. �Mose�. To the Post-Office.  Got letters from
Home, (� O blessed word!)  From my mother, Samuel and Naomi
also a few lines from my father � (I ought to have written to him
before.)    My sister Naomi�s letter provoked sympathetic tears
� I love her dearly, she is quick in sympathy � I never
was better pleased than once, when George Bottom spoke of similarity
in our dispositions.  If it be so, and my vanity well readily
wish to believe it, she has all the good and none of the bad
traits of character.   /         Two �Examiners� from Edwin.
In my Mother�s letter, the news of the death of Mr Evans of
John St Chapel, � where I was, oh how often in times
bygone with her.   And then some hundreds of his hearers
followed him to the grave. � Was she not among them, I wonder.
  18. Friday.  Over to New York to get the �5 check sent
me by my father cashed. Then through driving rain, splashing
mud and gutter to the �Empire City Office.�  Oh Teufel!
what a scene, � learnt that Hawkins was in the Tombs,
(prison) � having been arrested last night.  All the set type
had been knocked together, � small pi, nonparcel mixed,
confusedly.  Young fellows tell me of it � shew me part of               
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