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Text for Page 102 [12-10-1852]

              by a singular chance he had met Old Kent, the Boston-
ian who dwelt at Holt, long time ago.    At a railroad
depot he had noticed an old man, with unshorn beard, long
white hair and pant�s thrust inside boots country-fashion.
The old man had been in Illinois, dwelling with a wedded
daughter,  had the fever & ague bad, (then suffering
from it,)  and was now on his return for Boston.
Dillon with me till 2,  then dined together, then
in Waud�s room, then parted.        I down town, a
bootless call at Lantern-land, talk with Brougham,
return,  work, supper, and hard at work till 11,
in Swinton & Fay�s room, in company with Waud.
  11. Saturday.      Drawing, hard, big Pictorial Picayune
cut.   Down town through driving rain and muddy streets.
At Picayune & Lantern Offices  &c and about till 3 or 
so, then to room & work, ill, worried and weary.
Mr Weldon came,  anon Mapother and a countryman of
his; anon they left.    Talk with Weldon, he reading
aloud two glorious poems of Elizabeth Barrett Brownings,
(whose works he brought me.)    Down stairs, gave tick-
ets to the Broadway Theatre to Swinton; down town
again.      Horrible mud splashing and wet.    To Picayune
Office,  got paid, return, supped, and to room again.               
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