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Text for Page 103 [12-11-1852]

              Dillon & his friend came, and fell to work correcting a
huge Map of Detroit, Hart has been getting out.
Thus till 11,  I at work hard too.         A mild debauch
of ale &c, then they left, I to bed at midnight.
  12.  Sunday.    Working all day long.  Oh weary,
weary day.     Sky blue and fresh and cold outside �
to be pent in, with aching head, and weary eyes, hard
on that inevitable, must-be-done block.       At 11, down
stairs, found Charley Brown, Swinton & Waud, the
two latter working, former talking, as wont.    At his sug-
gestion adjourned to the �Shades� to �nog ourselves�.
Talk and ale there.      I abed by 12, half blind and
wholly sick.      Block finished!
  13.  Monday.  Dillon Mapother came;  left him
the room, after doing chores & lighting fire.   Down
town,    to Picayune Office, thence to Weed, with block.
Returning with Field, whom I met there, parted at
Fulton Street.       To Picayune  & Lantern Offices.
Crowd of folks at the latter place.   Brougham off to
Philadelphia. /    �Allie Vernon� came, flirting with her
&c complimenting & small practicalities.       Left, and
to Office by 2.        Dillon left for diner, returning
again at 3 or so, and working on till 5, when               
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