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Text for Page 104 [12-13-1852]

              he and his friend, (who had come also)  left.    /    I
called at Strongs while down town, and got money for drawing
for his February-next number of Notions.    /        Supped
at 7 then to Ludlow Street,   Weed�s home, leaving
two drawings on wood for him.      Return to room,
& down stairs reading aloud to Waud, Swinton &
Fay, poesy of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and anon
the earlier chapters of Lazarillo de Tormes, as far
as the adventures with the poor Squire.      Broke up at 11.
(How very inferior is the Second Part of one H de Luna
to the glorious First of gallant Don Diego Hurtado
de Mendo�a, sometime ambassador to Venice!  And
how miserably the �Avallaneda� of Lazarillo   misunder-
stood the character of the poor Squire, in making him
rob Lazarillo!       Why Don Quixote would have been
as capable of a theft.
     I had used to like the Second Part of Don Quixote better
than the first.    Wrong, in great measure!      Charles
Lamb has opened my eyes.   Peccavi.  /
     Passing up the Bowery this night, I glancing at
a huge play-board outside the �National Theatre�,
(announcing some highwayman melodrama,)  saw at the
very bottom of the bill, as appearing in a small farce               
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