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Text for Page 105 [12-13-1852]

              the announcement �Gertrude, (with Songs,)  Miss Deforrest.�
    /   Playing at the lowest theatre in New York �
to b�hoys, newspaper imps & harlots, � the unwashed
democracy!       I can fancy the wilful little things
career, yearning for the excitement she loathes when
gained, full of resentful importance, passions, spites
& littlenesses .      Yet what magic is there in a pair
of bright eyes & a sweet voice � I know she is, and
always was a thorough little snob, yet I like to think
of her when she opened the door to myself and Charley
Brown, the first time I saw her; and of her
sitting beside me at Burton�s./       I have always
been great at finding mare�s nests all my life.
         I wonder whether there ever hath lived woman like
to the �Lady Geraldine� of   Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
What a divine-thoughted woman must its authoress be!
 14.  Tuesday.        A letter from home, con-
taining one from Boutcher, in Italy.  Pleasant
times has he, � I envy him horribly.   /
Down town during the afternoon,  Picayune &
Lantern Offices,  Post Office & Mr Hammetts
place in Broad Street.         Return, to room, &               
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