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Text for Page 106 [12-15-1852]

              drawing till midnight.      Not over well all day.
  15.  Wednesday.   Down town to Bunnell & Price�s,
talking with the former when in came the indefatigable
dodging unveracious man of all work Powell, with rhyming
Christmas �Pick� celebration.        Off with Bunnell, by
Omnibus to Division Street, there to Ludlow, calling
on Weed about big block on which he hath been imme-
lating himself of late, staying up o� nights, (or sooth so,
whilk renders it doubtful, as he is given to lying.)   To
my room, met Woodpecker Thatcher, gave him cuts.
Did chores, lit fire &c, dined at Sweeny�s, down
town again.       Return, made drawings on wood,  two,
Mapother came at 4, or so,   anon Charley Brown &
Brightly, Charley having to work at the �Illustrated News�
the night, willed that I should accompany his sister
and brother to the social party before spoken of, but
I declined.     Supped with Dillon at the �Live & let
live�,  then to Royals,  talking with him and Bush
hours twain, then to room of Waud, here he &
Fay were working.       I read aloud a recently recieved
letter from Boutcher.         Adjourned, all four to the
�Shades�, ale  & rarebits &c.         Walked with Dil-
lon to the Jersey City ferry, returning at midnight               
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