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Text for Page 108 [12-18-1852]

              at Franklin Street boarding-house.     Supped with them,
then long book talk with much reading aloud by him.
Tennyson, Emerson, Carlyle with others innumerable,
A right pleasant evening.  Left about 1, then to my
room & bed.    Brought a pile of books away from Weldon�s.
  19.  Sunday.  Leslie called, talked awhile, (I recei-
ving him in red flannel shirt & pants.)      Brown down
stairs.      (Dined at Sweeneys, then to room, &
Dillon Mapother & Kelly coming out together.  To Williams
burgh & a long five miles ramble, clear icy day,
boys skating.       Returned Brooklyn ferry-way, down
Fulton Street,   supped at Sweeneys, then to room.
Down stairs with Waud awhile, reading Tennyson
aloud; they leaving I stayed on till 12, reading
& conversing.       And now to bed.
  20.  Monday.   Drawing, on wood.    Will Kidder
came, and turned over pictures on the floor till 3,
when he left & I went down town.   Brougham re-
turned from Philadelphia.    Bellew came in, defiant,
handed letter to Brougham, (containing possibly his
bill,) and incontinently departed speaking no word.
 /     Talking with Allie Vernon & Watson.   Carroll
anon.   /           To �Picayune�  Office awhile, then               
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