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Text for Page 109 [12-20-1852]

              to supper.       Thence to Weed�s house, with drawings
on wood.             Return; in Swinton & Fay�s room
looking over the first number of Barnum & Beach�s �Illus
trated News�,  the which I had presented to me at
Richards & Johnson�s printing Office; being round there
mid the whirr and clang of steam worked printing presses
in company with Bunnell & Johnson.                 To my
room, reading awhile,  then down stairs with Waud
& Fay.           Reading Montaigne, for the first time.
Bed by midnight.
  21.  Tuesday.   Rain & mud.   Out by
noon,  (Randall  & Weed having called.)     To the
Post Office, thence to Hawes� place, Moore Street.
Saw him.            Dined at Gosling�s, thence called at
Lantern Office, at Picayune & Sachem.  Found
North scribbling way at the latter, in hairy hybrid gar-
ment �twixst cloak & coat.         Purdy coming, out
with North to drink, where were Picton, Brice &
others at the Gallic bar-room Beekman Street.
North talking on at a tremendous rate in his usual
ingenious and rampantly egotistic way.     Anent a
feud he had with Putnum the publisher & Briggs
of the Courier, in which dispute he, (North) had               
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