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Text for Page 111 [12-21-1852]

              This is one of Powell�s stories.    He�s an awful
liar,  but it may be true.   /
  To room &c        Kelly,  Dillon�s friend called. /  Out
to supper,  Dillon called, being bound uptown.
Return to my room,   did a 2 column drawing on
wood.     Dillon came again by 10.    Out together,
oyster stews,   saw him to the ferry.  Back and to
bed by midnight.
  22.  Wednesday.    Clear cold, intensely frosty day.
Up early, breakfast &c, drawing.    Weed and Randall
came, former with title cut.  Paid him. Drew
awhile, then to Erie Railroad Office, got free pass.
Down town, to Bunnell & Price�s & the Picayune printing
Office with him.   Thence to Lantern Office, then up
townwards with Watson.   Drawing.   Dined at
Erfords.  Watson there.   To room again, finished drawing,
and down town.   Lantern,  Butler,  Powell &c.  To
Wells & Webb.   Met Orphens there.     Off to Weed�s
house, left drawing on wood.       Thence to Mulberry Street.
Supped with Mr Greatbatch & family.       To room
by 7, heard that Brown & Dillon had been.  Off
to Canal Street,    Webers the good tempered German
bootmakers.   He very exultant at his success in get-               
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