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Text for Page 077 [01-18-1850]

              �Revelations� set up � tell me Hawkin�s examination comes on in
the afternoon. Hearty grin and wet, wet walk home.
(Now the possibility is that it�s deserved; yet its inopportune � I
should have got some $3 a week, (a great help,) and that, without
writing a �romance of passion.�
  19. Saturday.  �Mose� till Evening.  Then a long solitary stoll
about New York � the Bowery and thereabouts.  In the fancy fair
looking at prints and humans.  Back by 10 to Jersey.
  20. Sunday.  Walk to the Rocks with Hughie and Collinson in
the morning.   The rest of the day writing to my father.
  21. Monday.  Writing all day long, to my father, Naomi and Sam.
Rain, snow, sleet, mud, mist and miserables out of doors.   Evening
  22. Tuesday. Drawing.   Afternoon, crossed to New York. To Ful-
ton Street, to Chamber Street, then to Duane �Park,� where I decided on
having the room, �front one ; $3 1/2 a week, fuel found. $3 in 
summer.   Then after a stroll back to Jersey.
  23.  Wednesday.  Sitting drawing, when in rushes old Collinson and
bids me hurry out with him to see the race betwixt the �Canada� and
�Georgia.�  So we went to the pier, and saw the Canada clear out
� but of the race nothing as the American vessel lay down at Governor�s
Island.  Great talk theron, during the remainder of the day � had
to call up the failures of the �Washington� and �Herman�to act as an               
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