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Text for Page 112 [12-22-1852]

              ting paid by Charley Brown. (Waud having betrayed Charley�s
residence, even after the same philanthropic style which righted
the washerwoman.    And Charley suspecteth not a whit!)
Back to Swinton & Fays room, which I found untenanted,
with open door, (that is unlocked.)      Waud came in half an
hour.    Dillon & Kelly came anon.        Bitter cold night.
  23.  Thursday.   A wet & evil-disposed day.
Dunsier called, anon Field.     Left the latter on Waud�s
room, and (Weed having brought cuts) down town with
them, to B & P�s.     At the �Sachem� Office awhile �
out drinking with Picton & a certain Lone Star Unit, who
told divers improbabilities how Franklin Pierce had con-
fided to him his intention of assuming the head of the exe-
cutive & military power to �enfranchise� Cuba, and
�drive the last remants of British tyranny from this
Continent &c!�     /     To B & P�s, to the Printing
place;     anon met Seymour, alias Bailey, the literary
one, who told me of divers rascalities of his wood-pecking
brother.  /      Back to room and work hard.   Fouler
weather without.  C.
  (I have half put down Fridays occurrences to Thursdays
credit, and must even conglomerate them now, being unable
to separate them.)         Randall came with cuts &c.   And               
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